It was 1st August, 2017, we published the first creation on our social media handle. We call it Naksh’s birthday. We offer an exquisite ranges of unique designs as wearable art which will touch your soul before touching your body. Our theme is ‘Art not just for the museum, rather for daily life’.

“Saree is an attire which is for every shape and size. It is the memory of grandmother’s smell.”

- Sandip, Co-founder and Operations Head.

“Saree is the largest canvas for creating Art!”

- Gouri, Co-founder and Creative Head.


Like every good thing in the life of a Bengali, the
idea of Naksh was conceived during the Durga Pujo vacation of 2016.  We were spending a lazy evening in chit chat
sipping tea and having evening snacks. A wishful passing comment was made and
that went on sowing the seed of Naksh.

What do we do?

We tell stories through our design.
We work on quirky, contemporary motifs. Traditional hand weaving method is used
to create humble, breathable attire. We work with weavers from different parts
of India.  Apart from hand weaving, we
work on surface techniques like printing as well. Our motto is balancing between
the traditional method and the recent technology of printing. Our printing
method is mostly traditional hand block printing and screen printing method. The
age old hand printing method is embedded with our Indian Textile history which
we always love to do. Besides we also work on Digital printing since this
method is much more environment friendly. As a responsible brand, we want Naksh
to be sustainable, environment friendly and most importantly artisan friendly.
It is a long journey and we are taking baby steps towards our dream.

Our designs are our expression of culture, ethnicity
and our whole being. A person’s wardrobe resonates with their personality and
reflects an individual’s unique sense of style. We believe that in our time
‘self’ is as important as collective and our designs reflect this philosophy.
That is why our creations are themed around individuals’ memories of a city,
love for a movie, and admiration for an artist or nostalgia about childhood. It
is very much Indian at its core yet not constrained by it.

Our aim is to tell stories of our past and present
culture through unique contemporary style for individuals who want something
different. Surroundings, culture, politics, ideology, hobby all the things
which make your identity is our inspiration!